Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chesapeake Energy & Aubrey McClendon Are Tweeting Mad About Rolling Stone

A couple minutes ago I Twittered or Tweeted, or whatever the verb is, about Cowtown Wakepark and saw that Chesapeake Energy is having a Twitter hissy fit over Rolling Stone's article titled "The Big Fracking Bubble: The Scam Behind the Gas Boom."

Judging by the Chesapeake reaction, Rolling Stone must have hit an Oklahoma nail right on its head.

By Oklahoma nail I mean Aubrey McClendon, he being the con artist who stole the Seattle Supersonics with his nefarious subterfuging ways.

The Chesapeake Energy article attempting to rebut Rolling Stone is so overwrought it exploded the normal webpage size and forced scroll bars to enable reading.

Methinks Chesapeake Energy doth protest too much.

Like I said, Rolling Stone must have hit an Oklahoma nail right on its, I mean, his head.


Anonymous said...

Brantley Hargrove of the Dallas Observer wrote about the Rolling Stone article on Friday.

Saturday or yesterday Mitchell Schnurman of the Star-Telegram wrote that the Barnett Shale still thrives despite downturn.

That is the Fort Worth way in case you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, ol'Aubrey is a pro as a con artist. He and CHK were treated like royalty in the B.S. area, especially in Cow patty Town during the regime of the gasfather Mikey Moncrief. But the folks in the NE are not sheep like those in the B.S. area and the national media are not paid apologists for the gas mafia like the so called local media, especially the laughable Star Telegram newsletter (formerly a newspaper).

Anonymous said...

Reuters, which represents actual media, has now published 2 investigative reports:

How McClendon received $1.1 billion in "loans" to underwrite his 2.5% stake in Chesapeake shale gas wells.


How, even though CEO of the company he has been running a $200 million personal hedge fund in shale gas.

All this from the man walking around saying shale gas represents a "100 Year Supply of US Gas".