Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blazing A New American Trail With CatsPaw At Cowtown Wakepark

CatsPaw and I have as Number One on our to-do list to go play bingo at Paradise Center's Camp Bowie Bingo.

Further down the to-do list is going wakeboarding at the Cowtown Wakepark, it being one of J.D. Granger's many wonderful gifts to Fort Worth, providing all the citizens of Fort Worth the long desired opportunity to partake in the extreme sport of wakeboarding in the world's premiere urban wakeboarding lake.


Just minutes ago CatsPaw emailed me a deal we really can not refuse.

That deal being a Groupon coupon with up to 54% off Wakeboarding at Cowtown Wakepark. What a deal.

The text accompanying the Groupon coupon really seals the deal quite persuasively...

Americans have always been determined to blaze new trails, whether wading through the waist-deep layer of tumbleweed covering Arizona or hacking through the petrified forest of national flags on the moon. Conquer the final frontier, the water, with this Groupon.... 

1 comment:

CatsPaw said...

And just look at the photo ... if we go pro, we'll be considered HEROES!

Do we have to wait for the rain to stop?