Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walking A Fosdic Lake Stairway To Nowhere Pondering How Difficult It Is To Have Dutch Sensibilities In Texas

Fosdic Lake Stairway To Nowhere
The photo of the dark Fosdic Lake Stairway to Nowhere may be what is known as a visual metaphor, signifying symbolically the depths of despair this day after day of damp, gray, cold weather is having on my usually reliably upbeat self.

This endless gloomy weather is even getting to the perennial Polly Anna known as Elsie Hotpepper. Today Elsie is talking about consulting a Fortune Teller to see if some direction can be found for Elsie's quest to figure out if she is okay or not okay.

I told Elsie Hotpepper that she is okay, but I'm no Fortune Teller, so my opinion really does not matter.

It was slightly raining when the point in time came for my doctor prescribed daily bout of endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation. I chose the Oakland Lake Park walk around Fosdic Lake option, which I've already sort of indicated with the mention made of the Fosdic Lake Stairway to Nowhere.

I did not employ the services of of a bumbershoot to facilitate a dry walk. A windbreaker with a hood sufficed as sufficient waterproofing.

This morning my nephew sent me several photos taken when my nephew took my grand-nephew, Spencer Jack, up to our family hometown, Lynden, to visit relatives.

That is Spencer Jack standing above my grandma, his dad's great-grandma and Spencer Jack's great-great-grandma.

Neither Spencer or my nephew would have reason to know this, but grandma would have been very pleased to know a great-great-grandson was visiting her.

Lynden is a Dutch town. With a number of churches that would make the Buckle of the Bible Belt, where I am now, Green with Envy.

Lynden's cemetery is called Monumenta. Monumenta is on both sides of the Front Street entry into Lynden.

Monumenta is segregated.

Dutch people are buried on the north side of Front Street, non-Dutch on the south side. I have relatives in the ground on both sides of Front Street.

In Lynden you will find no litter. Lawns are kept meticulously trimmed. To not keep your lawn meticulously trimmed would be to risk extreme ostracism. But likely, unlike Fort Worth, you would not be in danger of a citation or fine.

Growing up with Lynden, Washington as part of my background, may explain part of the reason why I can be so appalled at some things I see in Fort Worth. Like littered, weedy, un-landscaped freeway exits to a town's top tourist attraction.

Am I the only Dutch person in Fort Worth?

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