Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seeing Grizzly Bears While Walking Around Fort Worth's Fosdic Lake In Oakland Lake Park

The start of a New Year always seems to bring out a lot of New Year's Resolution inspired newly resolved exercisers.

This increase in human activity has been noticed, this year, at every park I've visited since the start of the New Year, 3 days ago, except for the human-free Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Could it be Don Young's lurid tales of the Tandy Hills ghostly hauntings that scares people away?

I like how trees and bushes look after being stripped naked of their leaves. The photo of naked trees I took today, at Oakland Lake Park, where I went to walk around Fosdic Lake, looks, to me, like a bear standing up to confront a bigger bear.

I had a Grizzly Bear encounter years ago in the mountains east of Mount Baker in the Washington Cascades. I suspect that Grizzly Bear encounter imprinted deeply on my sub-conscious. Hence the absurdity of thinking a dead tree looks like a standing bear.

I learned this morning that former Fort Worth native, MLK, exiled, currently, in Tacoma, barely escaped being caught in that nightmare that happened in Mount Rainier National Park yesterday. As MLK was en route to Paradise, multiple emergency vehicles passed as MLK drove towards the park entry, which was closed, forcing a turn-a-round to seek snowy vistas elsewhere.

I hate it when a gunman, turned crazed by a crazy war, causes me to have to turn around to seek snowy vistas elsewhere. This does not happen to me in Texas. MLK should move back home where she will be safer.

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Anonymous said...

I'm scared. I see the bear too.