Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Little Horse House On The Tandy Hills Prairie With Diesel Trucks

Late, yesterday, Sunday, afternoon, I walked to the approximate location you see in today's picture to take a picture of the stunning, dust covered, skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Today, when I returned, I was pleased to see the sky is now dust-free. And that the Mount Tandy Shrine has had a house added for the Mount Tandy Trojan Horse to stable in.

After taking a picture of the dust-free sky and the new Mount Tandy Shrine Installation, I continued down the south trail towards the Tandy Highway.

Part way down the trail I started hearing loud engine noises. Soon a humongous piece of heavy equipment was seen zipping quickly south on the Tandy Highway. When I reached the Tandy Highway I headed north, the opposite direction the piece of heavy equipment was zipping.

Soon I heard the noise of another incoming vehicle. This one was a big white pick-up. My one longtime reader knows how I feel about big white pick-ups. The driver of the big white pick-up saw me and slowed up. I got off the road and let the driver peacefully pass. Both the driver and passenger waved at me.

For the next couple hundred feet I got to enjoy the bliss of sucking in diesel fumes. And then the air was non-perfumed again.

I had no further direct contact with any mechanical devices inside the Tandy Hills Natural Area, unless you count, as a mechanical device contact, hearing the loud communications, via squawky walkie-talkie type communicators, of pipeline workers, who I did not see.

It is currently only 56 degrees. But, once again, I have my windows open. I did not turn on the furnace this morning. I don't know why it was hot in here, til I opened the windows, but it was.

I do not recollect ever opening my windows in December and January in years previous in Texas. This does not bode well for the coming HOT time of the year. Which starts in a little over a month.

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