Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Day Finding A Rutted Muddy Mess On The Tandy Hills With Drowned Tires

Stunning Skyline Of Beautiful Downtown Fort Worth
Today was my first time back on the Tandy Hills since we had some rain fall a week, or so, ago.

When I arrived at the top of Mount Tandy to take the picture you see here of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth a strong wind was blowing, making the air feel cooler than its 65 degrees.

I did not realize today was Martin Luther King Day til I was on the road listening to Rush Limbaugh doing his ranting when he said he also did not realize today was a holiday til someone mentioned it to him.

I don't know how I missed it being Martin Luther King Day. Surely there was mention made of the holiday in each of the online news sources I check in on every morning.

The Rutted Muddy Tandy Highway
During the night I did have a dream. Maybe that was my sub-conscious telling me it was Martin Luther King Day.

Changing the subject back to the Tandy Hills.

I was more than a little appalled when I got to the bottom of Mount Tandy and saw that the Tandy Highway has been turned into a rutted, muddy mess.

The muddy ruts have dried for the most part. The rutted up road made walking on it more difficult than it was before this happened.

I did not check today on the current status of the Tandy Bamboo Teepee.

The Drowned Tandy Tires
But I did check in on the current location of the Giant Tandy Tire #2 and its mate.

A cruel vandal has drowned the tires in Tandy Creek at the base of Tandy Falls.

Who would commit such an act?

When I left the drowned tires and headed south, back to the Tandy Highway, I saw the rutted, muddiness continued into the northeast corner of the Tandy Hills.

Back to that first photo at the top. Today when I was looking across the prairie at the skyline of Fort Worth I wondered if there is any other city in America, with a population over a half million, which has such a large expanse of undeveloped land so near its downtown?

I suspect not.

Fort Worth is very unique.

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CatsPaw said...

At least the tire couple went together.