Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'd Go To Haltom City To See The Sara Lee State Fair Corn Dog Water Tower

The Haltom City Sara Lee Corn Dog Water Tower
This morning, or was it yester morning, I learned of an important contest in Haltom City to design a new look for the town water tower.

Currently the Haltom City Water Tower has the name of the town on it and what appears to be Snoopy the Dog smoking.

Some have suggested that water flowing should be painted on the tower, since Haltom City is well known for its floods.

Others have suggested the naming rights be sold, with many suggesting selling the naming rights to Haltom City's biggest employer and polluter, Sara Lee, which makes world famous State Park Corn Dogs in Haltom City.

Additional others have suggested selling naming rights to Chesapeake Energy, because Chesapeake Energy already owns so much in Haltom City. The Chesapeake Energy logo could go on the tower, with a catchy phrase, something like "Your Water Is Our Water."

The Haltom City Water Tower In Its Current Condition
Those who decide what is best for Haltom City could not decide on how to solve the water tower problem, hence the contest.

On the right you see how the Haltom City Water Tower currently looks. This is not the view with Snoopy smoking.

I think it'd be real cool if the top part were made to look like a flying saucer, with the ribbed support tower underneath the flying saucer painted to look like exhaust from the flying saucer.

I bet people would come from as far away as Richland Hills and Watauga just to see the Haltom City Flying Saucer Water Tower.


Anonymous said...

I like the Sara Lee Corn Dog option.

SnoopyLover in TX said...

Look around for a picture of Snoopy smoking on the watertower. That would look funny. Are you just making that up, Durango?

Durango said...

SnoopyLover in TX. I was told by a lifelong Haltom Cityite that from a distance away the buffalo that is on the tower looks like Snoopy. I have not seen this with my own eyes.