Monday, January 9, 2012

The Gates Of Fort Chesapeake Are Still Open But Attended By Vigilant Humans

The gates of my neighborhood Fort Chesapeake were still open today in the noon time frame.

However, the gates are now open with humans inside the Fort.

With a trailer moved in, along with at least 4 outhouses, lighting and a white pickup or two.

Due to wetness falling from the sky above I did my walking today in Wal-Mart and Target. I don't see how Target stays in business. In Wal-Mart I have myself a fine time playing dodge humans, in Target there are very few humans to dodge.

On the way back to my abode, from my shop walk through Wal-Mart and Target, my route takes me through my neighborhood Albertson's parking lot. That is when I saw the gates of Fort Chesapeake were open, but with new things added.

I pulled over on the Albertson's parking lot to take a picture through the water drops on my sideview window.

I only took two photos.

See the guy in a white hardhat standing by the trailer door?

When I stopped my vehicle, parallel to Boca Raton Boulevard, clearly aiming at the open gate of Fort Chesapeake, that guy in the white hard hat started walking towards me.

I finished my picture taking, then took a right turn to head on home. As I pulled out of the Albertson's parking lot the guy in the white hat was looking towards me and my vehicle and writing feverishly on a notepad.

Was he writing down my license number, I paranoiacally wondered? But, then again, was I really being all that paranoid? It is not like I have not had a few encounters with guys in white  pickups guarding pipelines sucking water from the Trinity River.

The fracking begins tomorrow. I have a feeling it is going to be interesting.

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Mr GG said...

As your hometown band Nirvana sang,

"Just because you're paranoid
Don’t mean they're not after you"