Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night's Practice Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo Grand Opening Did Not Go Well For Me

I Think This Is The Camp Bowie Bingo Parking Lot
Well. I have had myself a fun Friday night. I don't remember the last time I drove Camp Bowie Boulevard at night.

I remember the last time I drove Camp Bowie Boulevard in daylight was when my mom and dad were here.

With my mom and dad I drove the bumpy brick section of Camp Bowie Boulevard.

My mom did not like the bumpiness and asked why it does not get fixed. I told my mom it is very perplexing, but somehow the locals have convinced themselves that this bumpy brick road is unique.

My mom said something like "the locals must not get out of town much."

There are very good reasons I think the way I do.

Tonight I exited I-30 at the Camp Bowie West exit. This is past the part of Camp Bowie Boulevard that is made of bricks and is, instead, a modern paved road, with little bumpiness. Except for one horrible pothole that may have done structural damage to my vehicle.

I'd been told that the Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo operation was actually in Benbrook, not Fort Worth. This indicated to me that it was located past the booming Camp Bowie zone east of Alta Mere Drive.

I figured it would be easy to find the Paradise Center Camp Bowie Bingo operation.

I figured wrong.

I drove Camp Bowie West, under I-820, plus a couple miles more, before turning around. Without finding any bingo.

I called my dispatcher to find the location. I indicated where I was. I was told that Camp Bowie Bingo was slightly west of Williams Road, east of Las Vegas Trail. I drove east, past Las Vegas Trail, saw no Williams Road, soon came to Alta Mere Drive and realized there was no way Camp Bowie Bingo was east of Alta Mere Drive.

And so I gave up on my plan for Friday night Bingo.

But, making lemonade out of this lemon. I now know the location of the semi-recently opened Camp Bowie Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Plus Mama's Pizza's new Camp Bowie location. And I saw a lot of people outside on the Riscky's BBQ patio, which looked fun, on a warm January Friday night.

But. I saw no Camp Bowie Bingo. And I tried harder to find it than I usually try to find anything.

I am almost 100% certain I was the stupidest person trying to find Camp Bowie Bingo tonight, and no one else had any problem finding it.

I hope everyone had themselves a real fine time and won a lot of bingos. Even though I did not.


cd0103 said...

At Camp Bowie it is Williams road heading south and Cherry Lane heading north. Cherry lane is the more visible street sign.

Durango said...

cd0103, like I said, I was likely the stupidest person trying to find Camp Bowie Bingo tonight. I saw the Cherry Lane/Williams Road combo when I got back to a computer and looked it up. But. I don't remember driving by Cherry Lane, either. Like I said, I was likely the stupidest person trying to find Camp Bowie Bingo tonight.

CatsPaw said...

You needed me to be riding navigator. We probably missed the big jackpot.

Teresa Davis said...

Durango, thank you for pointing out our need to get the sign up quickly! Our Grand Opening is Feb. 3, so we've got a tiny window of time. Mostly what you missed last night is about 70 family members and friends witnessing the Paradise Gang's first attempt at operating a bingo business. All in all, we're glad we have two more weeks to get ready. We won't be the traditional bingo. With karaoke, prize wheel drawings and a photo zone, we are hoping that new and veteran bingo players will find our bingo to be a worthy evening of entertainment.

Durango said...

Teresa, it never crossed my mind that it might not be easy to find. Or I would have looked up the location. I know right where Paradise Bingo is now. But, yes, I think a sign would be a good idea. Or put a sandwich board on Steve and have him stand beside the road waving. You'd likely need to illuminate him somehow.

Teresa said...

Norma and the others wanted to have a purple kanagaroo as our mascot. They wanted to walk around bingo in a purple outfit. I've told Norma and Serena they will be out there in their kangaroo suit, waving at passersby to get them in. Should be a sight...