Friday, January 20, 2012

Back On Mount Tandy Doing A Forensic Exam Of The Mount Tandy Cable Tripwire

Cable Tripwire At Top Of Mount Tandy
Earlier today I mentioned yesterday's injury caused by a cable on the top of Mount Tandy.

Today I returned to the top of Mount Tandy to do a forensic exam of the cable to see if could determine how I managed to trip on it.

First off, when am I lost in the moment, with my wandering mind wandering, I can get into a bit of an auto-pilot mode.

Being in auto-pilot mode, yesterday, caused me to not notice that the cable had been tightened and raised, with a can tied to it to warn clumsy people of the danger.

So, being in auto-pilot mode, not realizing I should switch to manual pilot mode, my right foot caught the cable on its way over, causing me to lurch forward, causing the cable to cause a gash and scrape on the front on my lower right leg.

I probably should have gone to the ER and gotten stitches, but I suspect the injury will heal on its own, without medical intervention.

If any of you reading this, who hike the Tandy Hills, from the top of Mount Tandy, and I'm sure there are dozens of you, if you are short, like me, with short stubby legs, exercise extreme caution when you cross the Mount Tandy cable.

Particularly if you are clumsy.

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