Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 3rd Sunday Of 2012 Dawns With No Snow In Texas

Looking out my primary viewing portal on the outer world you might correctly guess that I am up well after the sun on this 3rd Sunday of the New Year of 2012.

Already almost half the first month of the New Year is history.

It is not freezing in the outer world this morning. It is currently 38 degrees at my location.

This morning, rather than being the same temperature, like it has been the past two mornings, my old home zone is freezing, with white flakes falling.

Nothing is falling from the sky at my current location. Except, maybe some pollution. Something is annoying my eyes this morning, causing leakage in near copious amounts. Is it that black smoke that spews from my neighborhood Fort Chesapeake's gas fracking operation that is irritating my eyes?

I must cease typing now. I tire of looking at a computer screen through eyes clouded by leakage.

I wish I could say I am going swimming now.

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