Monday, March 23, 2020

Theo & Ruby's Harstine Island Fairy House Village

Yesterday I blogged about the Tacoma Trios Deer Corona Isolation With Harstine Island Bridge Over Water Unlike Fort Worth after incoming email brought six photos documenting some of what David, Theo and Ruby have been doing whilst they are unable to go to school.

Number six of the incoming six photos is the one you see above.

The text explaining that which you see above was...

"The kids built fairy houses in the forest behind the cabin. This is Theo's, with his path leading toward Ruby’s".

Fairy houses? I had not heard of such, previously. And so I Googled to see fairy houses are a big deal, with one of the explanations explaining fairy houses simply and succinctly...

"Fairy Houses are small structures for the fairies and woodland creatures. Ranging from simple to intricate 'Fairy Mansions', these whimsical habitats are built by children, families, gardeners and nature lovers reflecting their creativity, joy and pride".

Since I first saw Theo's Fairy House every person I have asked if they had heard of Fairy Houses had heard of Fairy Houses.

When I Googled "Fairy Houses" the Amazon extension on my web browser popped up with Fairy House kit products available on Amazon. Apparently the whole world knows about Fairy Houses.

So, this is yet one more thing about which I have been ignorant...

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