Monday, February 19, 2018

A Few Days Left In Paradise Before Returning To Texas

For the first time in well over two weeks I find myself connected via computer to the Internet.

In less than a week I should be back in Texas connected to the Internet via computer pretty much whenever I want to be.

The computer I am currently connected to the Internet with looks out on the view you see here. Which some may recognize as the pool at my sister Jackie's house.

Sister Jackie took my favorite brother-in-law, Jack, to Nevada yesterday, stopping at Laughlin before reaching Las Vegas today. Somehow I came into possession of the multiple number security code which allowed me to gain access to the computer I am currently using.

I am sort of looking forward to being back in Texas. A lot of troubling stuff has happened there since I have been visiting modern America.

To get computer access I left Miss Daisy alone for the first time in a long time. I told her I would not be gone long. Due to extreme wind conditions I am going to limit Miss Daisy's outdoor activity today.

Tomorrow morning the outer world in the Arizona Valley of the Sun is supposed to get down to only a few degrees above freezing. I will likely be appalling the locals by having myself a mighty fine time swimming tomorrow morning in one of the pools which feel too warm to my delicate heat sensitive sensibilities...

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