Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Two Devils With Angel Faces

This morning on Facebook, via Tacoma's Queen V, I learned I was Louise to Queen V's Thelma, and that we are 112% compatible.

I then took the same extensive test, with the same result, only when I took the same extensive test we learn Queen V and I are 161% compatible.

I do not know why there is such a wide compatibility discrepancy.

I also do not know how this extensive test was able to so accurately turn me into a dress wearing, long haired Louise, with lipstick.

I do understand why Queen V and myself are so compatible.

We are both extremely easy to get along with. We both have highly evolved senses of humor. We share the same political views, both being liberal progressive sorts from the blue state of Washington. We both have exquisitely good taste, well, actually, Queen V's exquisitely good taste is much more elevated than mine.

Now that we have learned we are so compatible Queen V and I are planning a roadtrip just as soon as the end of the current pandemic renders doing such to be doable...

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