Monday, March 16, 2020

David, Theo & Ruby Isolated Socially From Coronavirus On Harstine Island

Incoming last night from Puget Sound's Harstine Island, with the text accompanying the photos saying "Corona Crazy --- We finally got the kid's bikes to the cabin..."

School has been closed for a week now for David, Theo and Ruby. And their parental units have also been home, working remotely. I suspect some level of stir crazy began to manifest itself.

And so the Tacoma Trio took their social distancing to their cabin on Harstine Island, along with their bikes.

That would be Ruby and Theo with their bikes on the island, above. No photo documentation of David on his bike was included.

July and August are less than half a year in the future. Who knows if this Coronavirus nightmare will be over by then. So, I currently do not know if traveling to the Pacific Northwest is going to be doable this coming summer.

On Thursday I was in Walmart and saw the wiped out toilet paper supply phenomenon for the first time. The next day I was in the ALDI across the street from that particular Walmart and was surprised to see ALDI did not seem to have even a dent in their toilet paper supply.

Then late Saturday afternoon I was back in ALDI surprised to find all paper products wiped out, no canned goods, the meat section totally gone, along with many other items no longer available, including oatmeal.

Across the street Walmart was even more wiped out, with almost all produce gone, except for a random fruit or vegetable remaining. The bread shelf was bare. The meat section pretty much wiped out. In the cleaning supply area even the dish detergent section was empty.

I am currently beginning Day 11 of experiencing what seems to be a mild cold. Or allergies. Nurse Linda Lou called yesterday and when I described my symptoms she insisted I needed to be tested. Later Linda Lou texted a link to a local location where I can get my symptoms checked. I do not think Coronavirus testing is available, yet, at my relatively isolated American location.

Sunday I escaped Texas temporarily to drive north to Oklahoma. I find driving in a pouring rain and listening to the windshield wipers keeping time to be relaxing, for an hour or two...

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