Saturday, November 25, 2017

Did Fort Worth Adopt Wichita Falls Santa Outhouse?

Last Sunday I took myself on a video bike ride around my Wichita Falls neighborhood's biggest holiday season display of Christmas type stuff.

In that video, at one point, I am surprised by what I am riding by and hear myself saying something like is that an outhouse? Santa's Outhouse?

Because a random outhouse in an unseemly location would be something I would expect to see in Fort Worth, not here in Wichita Falls, where all the city parks have modern restroom facilities, and nary an outhouse.

And then yesterday, the morning after Thanksgiving, I took myself on another ride around that aforementioned biggest holiday season display of Christmas type stuff, now with what amounts to being sort of explanatory signage.

And what to my wondering eyes did virtually appear?

A sign saying...

Adopted By
The Outhouse Capital of
Fort Worth, Texas

This may be an example of that which has become known as Fake News...

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