Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mothers With Annoying Brats Stormy Sikes Lake Stroll

Storms seem to be brewing at my location on this third Wednesday of August. So far only a few drops have dripped.

In the picture you are standing with me on one of the bridges which cross Sikes Lake, with the view looking northeast.

Whilst I walked around the lake I was passed by multiple joggers, some in full speed run mode, three roller bladers, several bikers and multiple walkers.

I was passed by no walkers. I did do the howdy thing to multiple walkers as we passed by each other walking in opposite directions.

The only disturbing thing I saw today at Sikes Lake, other than way too many geese, was a herd of young moms pushing baby strollers, with multiple babies in full crying, screaming, whining mode. I assume this phalanx of stroller pushers was some sort of club, or support group, something like Mothers with Annoying Brats, or some other such thing.

On a more pleasant note, I saw another mother, stroller free, with two of the cutest little toddlers toddling along, laughing and having themselves a mighty fine time. The littlest of the cute toddlers waved at me as she giggled.

I don't know what was the problem with the Mothers with Annoying Brats that was causing all those little darlings to muck up my nature commune with their crying, screaming and whining.

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