Thursday, August 4, 2016

Imaginary Fun Phase Begins For Fort Worth's Entertainment Boondoggle

Captain Andy sent me a link to that which you see here, a FOX4 News online article titled Development phase begins for new Fort Worth entertainment district.

I read the article, which was posted August 2, 2016, thinking it seemed so outdated, as in maybe a decade out of sync.

Regarding this article this is what Captain Andy had to say...

Get out your hipwaders, the propaganda machine is stirring again. Panther Island is a new name? Construction is about to start? What the hell? Hasn't construction been delayed for the last several months after starting with a bang (or a dull thud) quite some time ago? Every time they move a spade of dirt they restart the timeline on the project. 

I think it was a year ago, or maybe two, time flies so fast, that The Boondoggle had a ceremony capped by a TNT explosion to celebrate the momentous occasion of the start of construction of one of The Boondoggle's three bridges connecting the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island.  That bridge construction of that one bridge has been halted for months now, due to design errors.

Has anyone read any news, anywhere, among the multiple reliable Fort Worth news sources, regarding the current stalled state of The Boondoggle's bridge building?

When that explosive TNT ceremony took place J.D. Granger was quoted as saying that now the public will finally be able to see this project rise from the ground. Literally. With the appearance of monumentally unique signature wooden V-pier forms. Currently a few of those wooden forms are all that can be seen of this stalled project.

Some embarrassing excerpts from this bizarre propaganda laced article...

The land has already been purchased, utilities moved, environment cleaned up and now building begins. "Now we're going to the fun phase -- the development phase,” said Granger. “So over the last year, we've had lots of development interest. We've been talking through many different parcels." Parcels include a sports complex, festival grounds, parks, canals, housing, office space and more.

Now we're at the fun phase, the development phase, the incompetent, unqualified Granger failure claims?

Why is no one asking about the stalled construction of those bridges?

And then there is this...

The city's future plans of making a river-walk, lakes and canals along with an entertainment district and condos and apartments are about to take some big steps forward, which could double Fort Worth’s downtown area. The new development will also come with a name change.

Another name change? What is the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision going to be called now? This project which has been dawdling along since around the start of the century, eventually turning into America's Biggest Boondoggle is about to take some big steps forward?

And then we learn about the name change....

It would be bigger than San Antonio's river walk and would rival Austin's Town Lake. Newly-named Panther Island District would stretch 12 miles along the Trinity River, just north of downtown Fort Worth. By 2024, the development would double the size of the central part of the city.

Oh, the new name is the same name The Boondoggle has been using for years now.

Panther Island.

Where there is no island. Who wrote this idiotic article?

And then this gem....

But if you think it's a new idea, JD Granger with the Trinity River Vision Authority has been working on it for several years. With about $280 million in, Granger said now is when the fun part begins.

If you think this Boondoggle is a new idea you have been totally out of touch with local Fort Worth reality. It's a bad, old idea, that has been stumbling along for years and years, with very little to show for all the effort and extensive signage and quarterly mailed updates detailing the lack of real progress.

And what is up with Kay Granger's boy's fixation with the supposed "fun part" of this Boondoggle beginning?

The following paragraph contained the most embarrassing nonsense of this entire embarrassing propaganda piece....

Construction for the development could begin in a month or two. After Tuesday’s vote, the area was officially renamed from the Trinity Uptown District to the Panther Island District, one of many changes to come over the next few years for the area.

Construction could begin in a month or two? What construction? The stalled bridge construction? The digging of the ditch to go under the stalled bridge construction? Officially renamed from Trinity Uptown District to Panther Island District?

Is it not time now to say enough of this nonsense is enough? This Boondoggle needs to be put to rest before it does more damage to Fort Worth than has already been done.

And J.D. Granger needs to be fired if this Boondoggle continues to go forward. Who is to blame for this becoming America's Biggest Boondoggle?

If not J.D. Granger, who?

His mama?

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