Saturday, August 20, 2016

Anonymously Wondering What Really Stopped Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Bridge Building

Earlier this month, August 10 to be precise, I wrote Trinity River Vision Should Cataract Kay Granger Out Of Congress after reading a ridiculous piece of Fort Worth Star-Telegram propaganda about Congresswoman Kay Granger's attempt to finally secure funding for her son's embarrassing debacle which has come to be known, far and wide, as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Yesterday someone with the relatively common name of Anonymous made an anonymous comment to that blog post about Cataracting Kay Granger out of Congress.....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Trinity River Vision Should Cataract Kay Granger Out Of Congress":

It occurs to me that the reason the TRV bridge construction was halted was due to a lack of funds. That there was enough money to get construction started on one bridge, with the hope that once that bridge construction was underway that Kay Granger could then manage to secure the federal funds her son was hired to motivate her to get. But that plan failed and has turned sort of desperate, as you noted in this blog post I am commenting on. 

Now that this Anonymous person has caused me to think about it, isn't it rather curious that the Star-Telegram would have an editorial and article about funding finally being secured for America's Biggest Boondoggle, while at the same time making no mention of the fact that The Boondoggle's bridge construction had ground to a halt for almost half a year?

Almost two years ago a big TNT explosion celebrated the start of construction of the first of The Boondoggle's three simple little bridges being built over dry land to connect Fort Worth's mainland to an imaginary island, with an astonishing four year construction timeline.

Longer than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge, and other actual feats of actual engineering.

Months ago we were told, by the Star-Telegram, that a design error had brought a halt to the construction of the only one of The Boondoggle's bridges under construction.

How did this alleged design error come to be, what with this being a rather simple bridge? It's not like they were launching a new rocket that had never been launched before.

Was there really a design error which stopped the bridge construction? Or was it more a matter of what Anonymous suggests, that The Boondoggle did not have the funding to actually build the bridges, until J.D. Granger's mama hoodwinked those coveted federal dollars?

One can not help but wonder why, rather than publish embarrassing propaganda puff pieces about imaginary progress of America's Biggest Boondoggle, the Star-Telegram does not send one of its imaginary reporters to the ground floor of the Star-Telegram building, where the Trinity River Vision Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision has its offices and an enormous propaganda display of the imaginary wonders this ill-fated project pretends it will deliver, and ask J.D. Granger to answer some rather obvious questions.

Like what's gone wrong with the bridge construction? That would seem to be an easy, logical question a legitimate newspaper of record might ask....

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