Sunday, January 3, 2016

Yosemite Sid Thinks Tim McGraw Deserves To Be Dixie Chicked

I saw that which you see here Sunday morning on Facebook, via Bud Kennedy.

Non Fort Worth locals, Bud Kennedy is a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and a frequent guest on local TV news shows. And he writes restaurant reviews.

And appears on parade floats.

I have long envied Bud Kennedy's extreme prolific-ness in various venues, including Facebook.

So, in this particular Facebook post it appears someone I have  never heard of, Sid Miller, think it is disgraceful that Tim McGraw headlined an Anti-Gun Concert.

This is so disgraceful that Sid opined that Tim McGraw deserves the same fate as the Dixie Chicks. And that Sid is done with Tim's music.

I'm guessing Tim McGraw is crushed by the news that a Texas goober is done with him.

Along with posting the screencap of Sid Miller's posting, Bud Kennedy also wrote....

Stephenville walking cartoon Yosemite Sid Miller Sid Miller vs @TheTimMcGraw: Who ya got?

This Miller guy is known as Yosemite Sid? And a walking cartoon? I suspect it likely that Yosemite Sid must have a history of opining ridiculousness.

So, when I read Yosemite Sid's bit about the Dixie Chicks I felt compelled to add my two cents worth....

Same fate as what befell the Dixie Chicks? Aren't the Dixie Chicks on the comeback trail, what with the majority of the world agreeing with the sentiment they expressed earlier this century?

Bud Kennedy does not allow anyone to besmirch an American president on his Facebook postings, except for Jefferson Davis being fair game. This is why I did not specifically mention George W. Bush in my comment.

If the no presidents are allowed be besmirched rule did not exist my comment would have read that "...the majority of the world now agrees with the Dixie Chicks' sentiment about George W. Bush."

When I hit publish on my comment Facebook told me that the post to which I was commenting had been removed by the poster, and thus not able to be commented on. I have no clue as to why Bud Kennedy would have removed his Yosemite Sid Facebook post....


Elbert Elmerr said...

The Fort Worth fabulist, Bud the Dud Kennedy, wants people to be genteel like George W. Bush. That's too funny for words.

Stenotrophomonas said...

Some folks heard of Sid Miller before he was elected:

Then there’s Sid Miller, the cowboy-hat-wearing calf-roping champion who authored the mandatory sonogram law before his constituents tossed him out in 2012. His campaign’s use of Ted Nugent, the bow-hunting rock star, is perhaps the pre-eminent example of the whoever-gets-furthest-right-wins mentality that’s come to define GOP primaries in Texas.

And then he became somewhat more famous:

We can only hope his fame spreads between now and November, 2018 - the first real chance we have to get rid of this fool.

Durango said...

Thanks for the Yosemite Sid info, Stenotrophomonas. I tend to block a lot of the more disturbingly weird Texas political stuff from radar screen. What has gone wrong with Texas that the land of LBJ and other greats now gives America embarrassments like Ted Cruz, this Yosemite Sid guy, Greg Abbott, Rick Perry, George W. Bush and others I am not remembering right now????