Monday, January 18, 2016

Words Of Wisdom From Mr. Spiffy About Martin Luther King Day

What with it being Martin Luther King Day, I have seen many expressions of sentiments of tolerance in various forms in various locations today.

Elevated sentiments speaking to the good, optimistic, hopeful side of humankind.

One of the best, if not the best, that I have seen today, was on Facebook, via Mr. Spiffy.

I screen capped what Mr. Spiffy had to say above and will copy it below....

MLK day should be a day set aside to stop making snap judgements about people. But I'm going to make one here. If you think a person's skin color, birthplace, religious beliefs (or lack of religious beliefs), or gender preference automatically makes them a bad person, then you are a racist, bigot and/or homophobe. That's a bad lifestyle choice. But there is an upside: Hate and irrational fear can be unlearned if you open your mind and heart. Love everyone today and every day. It's possible.

Mr. Spiffy practices what he espouses. A couple months ago when I realized I'd somehow acquired a Facebook "Friend" who was an outrageously despicable racist hate speaker, saying things about our president which was of the sort that no decent, moral, patriotic, ethical, clear-thinking, intelligent person would tolerate in any way, I verbalized my disgust in various venues, including this blog.

As far as I can tell, Mr. Spiffy, among my Facebook "Friends", was the only one with the moral rectitude to remove this particular racist traitor from his list of Facebook "Friends".

I was appalled by others on this issue, going through twisted moral gymnastics to rationalize not ostracizing this particular racist hate speaking traitor.

If racist hate speaking traitors are tolerated by people who like to think of themselves as decent human beings, how can we expect to wise up the racist idiots if people who purport not to be racists tolerate the racist hate speakers?

It really perplexes me and I would be lying if I did not admit that those who continue to tolerate hate speaking racist traitors, in any way, lose face with me.

I see it no different than someone who was a Nazi collaborator who excused going along with evil because all they were doing was following orders, as if they did not have the free will to do what is right.....

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Shakil Young said...

You are a man Durango, whatever you said is right. MLK is a truly inspirational man that the worlds recognizes him by his wisdom. Honorable man that the world never forgotten his legacy. Racist is not tolerably by any human kind.