Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Festus Allcock Leads Confederate Battle Flag Charge During Fort Worth Stock Show Parade

This coming Saturday, January 16, the 2016 edition of the Fort Worth Stock Show Parade takes place, weather permitting.

I have watched the Stock Show Parade a couple times. It is one of the best, if not the best, parade I've ever watched.

Very entertaining.

The world's biggest non-mechanized parade.

Meaning no motorized vehicles, just critters and humans are in the parade. But, you are allowed to use a mechanized device to get yourself to downtown Fort Worth to watch the parade.

This year's Stock Show Parade has an added element which might make for some interesting viewing.

As you can see, via reading the screen cap above, which I gleaned from Facebook, a person named Festus Allcock is organizing what apparently are known as Confederate Flaggers to flood the parade route with Confederate Battle Flags to protest such flags being banned from the parade.

I suspect this may be the year that Fort Worth's Stock Show Parade gets national media attention.

How can it not? What with a name like Festus Allcock leading the Confederate charge.....

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