Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling Guilty When Anything Helps While Having Nothing To Give

A few months ago, back when the outer world air was warm, well, actually, HOT, I was leaving the Target/ALDI shopping zone on Eastchase Parkway in far east Fort Worth, waiting in a line of vehicles for the light to turn green when I saw a pan handler person sitting on the ground.

As I got out my camera the light turned green, so no photo was taken of that sad scene at that point in time, last year.

And now today, I was once again leaving the Target/ALDI shopping zone on Eastchase Parkway in far east Fort Worth where I found myself driving by the same pan handler person sitting in the same location.

Only this time the light turned red before I could make the turn on to Eastchase. So, I got out my phone and took a photo of the pan handler as reflected in the side mirror of my vehicle.

What you see the man holding is a sign which says "Anything Helps".

The man holding the sign looked to be healthy, in his 20s, darkly suntanned, likely from way too much outdoor exposure.

Is this guy at this location every day? Seen by thousands of passing people over the passage of time? I did not think to turn around, park, and then walk over to talk to the guy to find out what has him in this seemingly dire situation.

Fort Worth police must drive by this guy every day. As do the people who operate the stores in this shopping zone.

I felt guilty taking a photo of the guy, and not offering anything to help. But, in my defense, the only actual money I had on me was the quarter I use to unleash an ALDI shopping cart. I doubt he takes debit or credit cards. I did buy a jar of peanuts at ALDI. I suppose handing the guy a jar of peanuts would qualify as help.

Could this guy be one of the army of homeless veterans left injured in ways unseen by the infamous Bush Wars? He is not the first young man I have seen in my neighborhood zone, seeming to be homeless, who had me wondering if he was yet one more abandoned veteran.

A couple years ago I came upon a guy who I thought might be an abandoned veteran living in a home made of cardboard under cover of brush near my neighborhood defunct Kroger store. I saw that guy over and over again for about a year, always looking ever more haggard. And then he disappeared.

Why isn't the veteran suicide epidemic a HUGE issue? All that Repugnant warmongering that would create more traumatized veterans, but no mongering about fixing the problems that plague the army of veterans.

Well, there is Donald Trump, who does say he will fix the disgraceful treatment of the veterans, but, well, it's Donald Trump, so the words are pretty much meaningless....

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