Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Elsie Hotpepper Becomes A Nightmare Calamity

Last night I had a bad dream, well, nightmare, that sort of involved Elsie Hotpepper.

Lately I have been watching an old TV show from way back near the middle of the last century known as Rawhide. This is the Western which made Clint Eastwood a star, playing a character named Rowdy Yates.

The episode which inspired the Elsie Hotpepper nightmare was titled, I think, Incident of the Careening Creek.

Most all Rawhide episodes are named Incident of this, that or the other thing.

In Incident of the Careening Creek Rowdy Yates comes to the rescue of a tough cowgirl who is trying to run a ranch pretty much by her lonesome. She has a few head of cattle and a creek running through her property. An adjacent rancher, he of the cliche evil badman sort, wants the tough cowgirl's land, using tactics like fiddling with the creek that runs through her property. Damming the flow, then letting it go, causing floods, that type thing.

Well, the tough cowgirl, with Rowdy's help, fights back, after her property is badly flooded, eventually putting the evil badman in his proper place, letting the tough cowgirl live in peace with her creek.

So, in my nightmare, last night, the tough cowgirl somehow morphed into Calamity Hotpepper, pictured above. In my nightmare version Calamity Hotpepper uses her pistol and rifle and sharpshooter skills to wreak havoc with the evil badman who is doing her harm.

There was a lot of bloodshed.

Calamity Hotpepper was sort of a Django Unchained Wicked Wreaker of Havoc.

The nightmare was unsettling.

Obviously in my nightmare I morphed the Rawhide tough cowgirl with the Texas tough cowgirl known as Elsie Hotpepper and turned Elsie into Calamity Hotpepper, the Avenging Gunslinging Gal from Hell, whose wrath no one should ever risk raising, lest one wants to tangle with a well armed sharpshooter with good people skills.

I suspect last night's nightmare will have me ceasing with watching Rawhide. I think I will switch to watching another classic TV show from a half century ago, Route 66. I don't see how either Elsie or Calamity Hotpepper could ruin Route 66 for me....

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Anonymous said...

You could watch Surfside 6 which features famous Fort Worth actor Van Williams in one of the starring roles. Van Zandt Jarvis Williams had another role as TV's Green Hornet. His sidekick was none other than Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee attended the University of Washingto and is buried in Seattle. The Fort Worth - Seattle connections keep a comin'. And now you know the rest of the story. Good day.