Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Is Anyone Happy About The Return Of Blue Bell Ice Cream?

Count me out on jumping on the bandwagon celebrating the return of Blue Bell ice cream.

I saw several celebratory iterations on Facebook this morning, including the one you see here from the Dallas Morning News, suggesting a big carpool head south to scoop up Blue Bell when it shows up in stores in Houston and Austin.

Blue Bell's shoddy, sub-standard ice cream manufacturing practices resulting in listeria contamination was well known to Blue Bell company officials long before the fact that their ice cream could be deadly became publicly known.

Food & Drug Administration testing at Blue Bell facilities found that Blue Bell had likely been making people sick since 2010. Blue Bell did not pull its products until April 20, 2015, after it was known 10 victims in four states had contracted listeria, with three dying.

Read the Dallas Observer's BLUE BELL'S LISTERIA PROBLEM IS A STICKY MESS article and then tell me why you are all happy pants that Blue Bell ice cream will be once again available for public consumption.

Read the Dallas Observer article and its details of the various unsanitary practices practiced at Blue Bell which led to listeria contamination at Blue Bell's facilities before you buy yourself a container of  the new and improved, hopefully listeria-free, Blue Bell ice cream.

Seems a safer bet to switch from Blue Bell to one of the long established national brands which have never killed anyone. As you can see via the above map, Blue Bell contamination is pretty much contained in the South, with most of America safe....

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Steve A said...

Had Bluebell reacted like Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream, they would be past their problem long ago.