Friday, August 7, 2015

Rockin' The River Flushed Due To Too Much Toilet Water In Fort Worth's Trinity River

This morning's quick check of the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram informed me of that which you see here.

That being that testing the Trinity River water on Thursday, that being the day of the week when America's Biggest Boondoggle sponsors a bizarre event called Rockin' the River, where hundreds of clueless fools are enticed to get in one of America's most polluted rivers to drink beer and listen to music, well that testing indicated that there was way too much fecal matter in the river, rendering it unsafe for swimming and tubing.

Do the clueless now understand that there has always been e.coli fecal matter in the water with them while they were Rockin' the River? That on any given day the level of e.coli could reach a level considered to be unsafe?

When I logged into Facebook this morning I found I was being tagged on this subject.

One of those taggers was Elsie Hotpepper....

Thanks to Mary Kelleher, at least they test the 'crap' now. I can't wait to see what Durango Jones has to say...

And then Mr. Spiffy had this to say....

Hello, Sunday Funday Trinity Innertubers! Please take note of the following announcement: You've been floating in poop water all summer. Sorry 'bout that. Now, here's some fun local country music band! Enjoy! - Yours truly, TRWD

Well, Ms. Hotpepper, Durango Jones does not have much more to say about this subject than he has already said.

One of the many things that crosses my mind regarding this is the fact that this is one more example of how Fort Worth suffers from not having a real newspaper.

A real newspaper would have been all over the absurdity of the Trinity River Vision getting into things like sponsoring drinking parties in the polluted Trinity River.

A real newspaper would have addressed the ridiculousness of the Panther Island nomenclature, pointing out there is no island. Pointing out there is no pavilion on the imaginary island.

Instead, the Star-Telegram goes along with The Boondoggle's nonsense, even when reporting a story with the headline "E. coli found in Trinity River at Panther Island Pavilion".

Would any legitimate newspaper in America go along with the Panther Island Pavilion con job?

A legitimate newspaper long ago would have been all over the scandal that is America's Biggest Boondoggle.

A legitimate newspaper would have long ago focused intense scrutiny on the hiring of Kay Granger's unqualified son to run what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle.

A legitimate newspaper would have been all over looking at how America's Biggest Boondoggle has accomplished so little in well over a decade, and has devolved into sponsoring absurd floating beer parties in the polluted with fecal matter Trinity River.

Rockin' the River needs  to be permanently cancelled as a first step towards bringing some level of adult supervision to the Trinity River Vision.

Oh, and J.D. Granger needs to be fired......


Anonymous said...

I dumped the Startlegram earlier this year because I got tired of paying an ever expanding price for an ever shrinking paper. But, for those few occasions when I go to their site, I never have a problem getting any story I want (because I dump cookies frequently?). So here's the story that raises more questions than it answers:


A high amount of E. coli in the Trinity River left locals rockin’ the land instead of the water at Thursday night’s Rockin’ the River concert.

The crowd at the Panther Island Pavilion had to watch headliner Sam Riggs, followed by musician Aaron Einhouse, from the banks of the river after weekly testing found 1,700 E. coli organisms per 100 milliliters of river water near the pavilion.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality standard is 399 E. coli organisms per 100 milliliters, said Woody Frossard, environmental director for the Tarrant Regional Water District.

“Anything above that they don’t recommend contact recreation,” Frossard said.

He said the TRWD performs water sampling every Tuesday from May through October. When the test results came back Thursday, he said, he recommended water tubing be canceled for the event that night.

“I can’t tell you what is causing the problem because I don’t know yet,” Frossard said. “I got the samples today and will do more testing tomorrow. There is a possibility someone dumped something in the river.”

He said the only problem area found was near Panther Island Pavilion. Other parts of the river tested less than 40 E. coli organisms per 100 milliliters.

Water district employees will be back out on the river early Friday, testing the waters upstream to try to identify the source.

Sunday Funday, a day of family-friendly tubing, kayaking, canoeing and boating at Panther Island, was still scheduled. It will be the last Sunday Funday event of the year.

By Monica S. Nagy
Monica S. Nagy, 817-390-7792

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Anonymous said...

Juris Doctor Granger talking on stage at Rockin' the River (Week 7) in photo #17. He should have bought the house a round at his own expense.

Pop A Top Again
I think I’ll have another round
Another one my friends
Then I'll be gone and you can let
Some other fool set down