Monday, August 31, 2015

HOT High Speed Tandy Hill Hiking On The Last Day Of August

In the picture you are looking west at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown  Fort Worth.

Longtime listeners likely can intuit that this particular view indicates I was on the Tandy Hills today for an increasingly rare bout of HOT hill hiking.

I did not bring my digital camera with me today due to a pocket shortage. Which means this photo was taken with my phone, that being the device which has been taking selfies, of late.

I walked Tandy Highway for the first time since, for some unknown reason, the summit of Mount Tandy was peppered with No Trespassing, No Parking, No Loitering, No This That and Other Things Signs.

Few people used this as a parking location. Why did anyone go to the bother of putting up all those signs?

Anyway, I was pleased to see Tandy Highway has had some roadwork done since last I traveled that location. The two bridges across Tandy Creek have been rebuilt. Those crossings had become a bit annoying, due to unfixed erosion damage.

I was feeling quite light on my feet today, zooming up the hills. I think new hiking footwear may have been the cause of the lightness....

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Stenotrophomonas said...

The "no trespassing" signs went up after some fool was using the land north of the cop shop to spin some donuts. Chesapeake, fearing that some vehicle would end up as a Tandy Hills curiosity, while its owner engaged a hungry lawyer, put up the signs, whose phone number will ring in Oklahoma. Being Chesapeake, they also put up a sign south of the road, on land it did not own. But that's OK with me - once I saw a jeep full of morons go tearing south along one of the trails there near the old TV station.
But the signs only cover Chesapeakistan land; Broadcast Hill is a public roadway.