Friday, August 21, 2015

Aunt Alice's Tonasket Town Level 3 Washington Wildfire Evacuation Order

My old home state is on fire. I don't recollect wildfires ever being as bad as what is happening right now.

For days I have been asking Aunt Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket, if she was in any fire danger in Tonasket.

Tonasket is a little town in Okanogan County in Eastern Washington.

This morning, on Facebook, I saw that which you see here, from the Seattle Times, and the following from the Mayor of Tonasket....


7th Street/Mill Drive/Top of Highway 20: If we lose power, get your sprinklers on FULL BLAST and Shelter in Place and get water on your property. Since we still have power, lets hit it now. If you have a wooden roof, get sprinklers on it now. Wet ANY vegetation surrounding 300 feet of your homes.

Entire rest of City: Have hose ready and have sprinklers in place. If you have a wooden or burnable roof, get water on it now. If you see large ash falling around your house, shelter in place and turn water on to wet the area around your house. If you have ladders, lean them against your house so Firefighters can access your roof quickly. Make sure all of your windows and doors are shut. If you have elderly neighbors, and they are leaving, make sure that they have hoses in place and ladders against their house. MAKE YOUR EXTERNAL PROPERTY EASILY ACCESSIBLE TO FIREFIGHTERS. After that, wait it out. Watch for spot fires and extinguish them when they are SMALL and we can all get through this.

Elderly and disabled people that cannot do these tasks, get to the Tonasket High School Shelter or North Valley Hospital because they have a backup generator and we can shelter you in the basement. If you have more people to help, come help us keep the Nursing Home Roof watered.

Also on Facebook, Aunt Alice, also known as Alice O Della, in addition to also being known as Tootsie Tonasket, posted the following regarding the current dire situation in Tonasket....
Where should I go? Fire coming down hill out front? Mayor any ideas? No $ to go far.
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MLK said...

This is really sad. BUT I hope the husband and I make it thru the thick smoke on I-90 when we leave this hellhole for the last time. August 28, 2015, my last day in Washington State.

New job in Fort Worth, living downtown. Cannot wait.

I'll catch you sometime at Towntalk.

Durango said...

Living in downtown Fort Worth would seem to be so inconvenient if one were used to easy access to grocery stores. And other stores. I-35 is a mess, of late, due to a lot of construction. But, now that you're making me think about it, living in downtown Fort Worth would give one easy access to those exciting Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Parties in the Trinity River.

MLK said...

In that I've had a THREE HOUR daily commute for eleven years, I'll the the 20 minute walk to work any day. YMCA three blocks from my office, so before or after work exercise will be nice. My gosh what will I do with those three extra hours a day?

I've lived downtown before, in the same community. I will go as far east as TownTalk, but will typically go west, shop Camp Bowie district, etc. 7th Street has a Super Target now, among other stores. I will rarely get on a freeway. I've been told that the Chisolm Trail Parkway is well worth the toll, so I want to try that.

Not looking forward to the 2080 mile drive, but my employer is funding the move. Had to make a deal to work an additional year.

Really looking forward to being home.