Saturday, August 22, 2015

An Obelisk Monolith Skyscraper Has Risen On The Tandy Hills

I was last on the Tandy Hills on August 11. I did not enjoy the hill hiking that day.

Too HOT.

Today, 11 days later, with the temperature somewhere in the 80s, it was not too HOT to do some hill hiking, .

Which had me on the Tandy Hills an hour before the noon norm.

At Hoodoo Central I found no Hoodoos, just a pile of Hoodoo rock remains. I did find the obelisk monolith skyscraper you see above, dwarfing the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

I have no idea how this obelisk monolith was installed. It's one of those statues on Easter Island type how did that get there type mysteries.

I only find one plant that grows on the Tandy Hills to be annoying. That annoying plant is currently starting to be in its annoying phase. That is the annoying plant that you see below.

These annoying spindly plants grows quite tall, eventually sprouting a lot of white flowers. Due to these annoying plant's spindly nature they get whipped by the wind, such as that which was blowing today. The wind can cause the annoying spindly plant  to become a switch delivering a spanking or a slapping as one walks by.

After too many spanks and slaps it was time to head to Town Talk.

I have not been doing Town Talk treasure hunting much of late. For months the treasure hunting has not been delivering much treasure.

Today I arrived at Town Talk about an hour before the Saturday norm. The parking lot was full, cars were parked on the street, on the grass. I drove through the parking lot and found only one open space.

I aborted the Town Talk mission. No way was I going to mingle with the mass of humanity thronged inside, or wait in a long line to get checked  out.

I think any future Town Talk visits will take place during the week. Likely after mountain biking at Gateway Park, if those trails ever open again. Currently the Gateway Park trails are closed due to a mess of trail "improvements" being improved in slow motion by the good folks at America's Biggest Boondoggle who never do anything in a timely fashion....

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Anonymous said...

Even on the best of days, Town Talk is not for the faint-hearted.

They have had slim pickings lately but we still go in for a treasure hunt every couple of weeks or so.

--Mr Galtex