Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bullet Proof Armadillo Sends Texan To Hospital With Bullet In His Head

I find this story just a little hard to believe.

A Texan supposedly shot an armadillo, with the bullet bouncing off the armadillo, ricocheting back to the shooter's head, sending him to a hospital.

An armadillo's armor is hard, but is it hard enough to bounce a bullet?

I think the shooter may have been under the influence of an adult beverage, aimed at the armadillo, pulled the trigger, with the bullet hitting a rock near the intended victim and then bouncing back to the shooter's head in a karmic case of instant poetic justice.

I have seen a murdered armadillo before, the victim of a gun shot near the mountain bike trail entry in Gateway Park.

Isn't it a felony of some sort to shoot one of the official state symbols of Texas? Why would anyone in their right mind shoot something as cute as a harmless armadillo?


Anonymous said...

In the late 60's or early 70's some Austin hippie types wanted the University of Texas Longhorns to change their mascot to the armadillo.

Steve A said...

While I see no reason to hunt armadillos, I'd never refer to one as "cute."