Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spencer Jack's Fast Delivery To Texas Of His Uncle Joey's Smoked Salmon

Last month I blogged about Spencer Jack's Uncle Joey's Big King Salmon Catch Of The Day.

Yesterday in the early evening I got a text message from Spencer Jack and my Favorite Nephew Jason....

Smoked salmon is scheduled for delivery at your doorstep tomorrow by 10:30 am. Spencer and I just dropped it off this afternoon in Burlington. I will be amazed if you have it tomorrow. Hopefully I packed enough ice to keep the salmon chilled. Brother Joe specially cooked the King Salmon he caught near the Queen Charlotte Islands for you.

I texted FNJ that the smoked salmon had arrived, somehow managing to get to its destination ahead of 10:30 am.

FNJ texted back, confirming his prediction that he would be amazed if the smoked salmon arrived in the time frame predicted.

When I opened the box I was surprised to find something in addition to smoked salmon.

That surprise was my favorite Pacific Northwest delicacy, dungeness crab. A lot of dungeness crab. That would be a little peak at the crab you see above, in between a couple bags of smoked salmon.

I have not had my favorite Pacific Northwest delicacy since late July of 2008, when my mom and dad showed up in Tacoma with some dungeness crab they found on their drive up the Oregon Coast.

Opening the box I was quickly transported back to Washington, the air filled with smoked salmon perfume.

The air smells better in Washington than at my current location. I remember my last drive north, driving solo from Texas back to Washington. As I crossed Snoqualmie Pass and began the I-90 descent to sea level, the mountains covered with fir trees, the air began to smell like Christmas trees. I had never noticed this so drastically when I lived in Washington.

Thank you Favorite Nephew Joey. And FNJ and Spencer Jack for the expedited delivery.