Thursday, May 21, 2015

Under Water After A Night Of North Texas Booming

I saw that which you see here, this morning, on Facebook via Elsie Hotpepper.

I wish the thunder would do its booming during the day instead of causing me sleep deprivation. The latest night of booming had some close strikes, with the boom arriving simultaneous with the lightning flash.

Earplugs block the distant booming, but when the booming gets close it wakes me up, and I stay awake, with the earplugs no longer doing their job.

Last night's booming sleep disturbance was compounded, when it woke me up, by a bedroom so cold I got up to see if I left the A/C on.

The A/C was off. But by dawn's early light I found out why my bedroom was unnaturally cold and why the booming seemed louder than the norm.

I don't remember opening it, but my bedroom window was slightly open, thus allowing the naturally air-conditioned outer world air to blow in.

Currently that aforementioned outer world is being chilled to only 56 degrees. That is way colder than air-conditioned air.

I have a bad feeling about this current syndrome of day after day of storms in North Texas.

There has been a lot of building in the D/FW zone since the last time a mega gully washer hit. Particularly in the north Fort Worth area, which is where the flood above is located.

This area needs some sort of government agency to address flood control issues in towns like Haltom City, which has had some killer flash floods, with little done to mitigate the bad planning which leads to the bad flooding.

An agency called TRWD (Tarrant Regional Water District) is responsible for mitigating flood issues in some of the D/FW zone, but mainly concerns itself with building imaginary islands, building bridges to imaginary islands, building restaurants, building drive-in movie theaters, building ice rinks, building wakeboard parks, opening ballparks, rescuing bankrupt friends, staging floating river beer parties and keeping themselves employed or re-elected or both....

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Anonymous said...

Now FW is going to give Tanger Outlet malls a large tax abatement to cover more of N FW in concrete...genius.