Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tough Day For Democracy Transparency Fairness & Fighting Corruption In Texas

That which you see here I saw this morning, on Facebook, posted by the Fort Worth Connie D.

The question asked sort of matches how I am feeling about some Texans this morning.

I am way too stupidly optimistic way too much of the time.

I stupidly assumed that Fort Worth voters were not so easily duped into not voting for someone out of an irrational fear that someone in Dallas was plotting to take over Fort Worth's water supply.

A blog comment from someone named Anonymous shared the sentiment I was feeling...

"Tough day for the revolution".

Tough day for democracy, transparency, fairness and fighting corruption.

A series of comments from Facebook....

  • Ok friends. The election is over. No more political posts for a while (except results).
  • So far those results ain't good.....
  • Hope the votes went the way you wanted.
  • Not good Andy.
  • Nope. Not good at all. Unfortunately people in Fort Worth are very reactionary to Dallas and it looks like they successfully labeled the candidates with their misinformation. I had one voter ask me why I would hold a sign for that lady from Dallas. I tried to convince him that Michele lived in East Fort Worth But he wouldn't buy it. Sigh.
  • Now, the terrible news. Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner appear to have lost their bid to be the second and third non-corrupt TRWD Directors (with hopes to join incorruptible Mary Kelleher). They fought a hard battle - and stuck to the facts; while the incumbents slung mud, lied blatantly, used taxpayer funds to campaign and peddled their influence to MANY Dallas area billionaires. Our fight against government abuse, lack of transparency, and corruption doesn't end here. To those who were fortunate to win - and to those who didn't win THIS TIME... Keep up the fight!
  • Good Mornin'! As I am sure you heard, Craig and I did not win the seats on the Board of the TRWD. We can truly say it was not because we did not give it our all and with the help and devotion from our many volunteers, our friends and our families. We are not losers, we truly won by all the people we were so blessed to meet. We have brought much needed attention to this Board and the unethical practices, the backdoor deals and lack of transparency. Fort Worth and the service area of the TRWD is the one who lost last night, two politicians were re-elected to an office that sorely needs honest, ethical and trustworthy Public Servants. This is by no means over. We have shown a light on poor management, cronyism and questionable integrity of the GM and all but one of the Board Members. We will continue to support Mary and we will continue spreading the message because two years comes quick and we have 2 seats and Mary's re-election to Win in 2017!! Stand Strong, continue the fight and spreading the word !! Thank you so very much for the support, guidance, prayers and belief, now let's keep this momentum going !! Happy Mother's Day and again, Thank you !!
I think I may give up. Does revoking my voter registration get me out of possible jury duty?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you'll still be on the list. I can't believe more people didn't vote. Jim Lane's quote in the Star-Telegram says it all, “I want to get the lights back on at LaGrave Field and get the Cats playing ball."

Let's not give up yet, but continue to shine a bright light in the TRWD.