Monday, May 4, 2015

One Person's Up Close Tale Of TRWD Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Dysfunction

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One year ago in May 2014, our family fishing club applied to adopt a section of the Trinity River as part of the TRWD "Adopt a River" program. After being notified that we were silence followed. No return phone calls, no returned e-mail messages. Nothing ever happened the rest of that year. Really odd since the river is so polluted and you would think they would be thrilled to have a new group willing to clean an unadopted section of the river area.

In January of 2015 someone from Trinity River Vision contacted me wanting to know more about our club and how they could help promote us. We were interested but requested assistance in the failed attempt in the "adopt-a-river" program. They offered to help. No help came.

What did follow however is contact from TRV's social media specialist wanting to do a feature on us and our use of the river. It was after that when it became clear that there was some dysfunction with the program....or the people who run it.

Really, just the tip of the iceberg when you start studying all of things that have been going on. I will just leave it at that and encourage you to know the facts and importance of this Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) election - and get out and vote for candidates Michele Von Luckner and Craig Bickley on May 9th.

Here is some helpful info for you:

1) Get the info you won't see in the local paper or the giant mailers landing in your mailbox:

2) Find you voter location and VOTE for Michele Von Luckner and Craig Bickley on May 9th:

3) Feel good that you are helping protect the integrity and quality of rivers, streams and water supply, safeguard our communities from flooding...and hold the TRWD board accountable to its original mission.

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Voting out the Incumbents said...

Pretty much any initiative from the TRWD that is ostensively in the public interest, contains a huge pile of PR BS in it. No real mission to pursue the public good but rather a lame attempt to put some lipstick on stall incumbents.