Monday, May 4, 2015

My Dear Ol' Dad Is Getting A Pacemaker Installed Today

That would be my dear ol' dad you are looking at here.

A month or so ago my mom informed me that on this date, May 4, my dad was going to be having a pacemaker installed to help his ticker tick more reliably.

A few minutes ago I text messaged my Arizona sister to ask for pacemaker updates when it was convenient to do so.

My Arizona sister texted back with this photo and the info that the pacemaker gets installed at 4 this afternoon.

On my phone the photo is quite small. Elsie Hotpepper recently sent me a photo of a document which I could not read due to that small problem.

So, I plugged the phone into the computer, opened it up to view its folders figuring that photo had to be in there somewhere. Eventually I clicked on "Downloads", saw an image icon which instantly disappeared with the computer suddenly in 100% CPU fan at full blast mode.

Having lost control of the computer I hit the off switch, then quickly turned it back on. When the computer was back working I opened the phone folder and clicked on "Downloads" again.

This time the image icon did not go bye bye. I was able to click it and quickly realized that the picture was not of my dad waiting at the hospital, it was my dad still at home waiting.

So, what had been a lemon turned into lemonade and now I know how to look at those little things Elsie Hotpepper sends to my phone. The most recent instance of that had me pathetically trying to figure out what Elsie sent me by using a magnifying glass, which did not magnify enough to make readable.

My dad gets to stay overnight in the hospital. My sister and mom are going to have a slumber party tonight at mom and dad's place.

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