Friday, May 1, 2015

Marty Leonard & Jim Lane Are TRWD Puppets Of Dallas Billionaires

On Wednesday I blogged about that which you see here in a blogging titled Time To Pull The Curtain Back On Some More TRWD Propaganda Before Monty Bennett Comes To Fort Worth Tonight.

The location Monty Bennett was going to in Fort Worth that night was the Fort Worth Business Press TRWD Board Election Forum.

Marty Leonard and the Gutless Wonder known as the Cowboy Napoleon, Jim Lane bailed on participating, after having agreed to do so.

A rather telling indicator of the quality of their character.

But not nearly as telling as the campaign propaganda those two allow to be smeared in their names.

This morning incoming email brought me a point by point refutation of the bogus expose smears in the TRWD incumbent's propaganda purporting to expose the Dallas Puppeteer Monty Bennett's imaginary puppets, Michele Von Luckner, Craig Bickley and Mary Kellerher.

Below we will be looking at the TRWD incumbent's shocking exposes and then in bold we will look at the facts that arrived in my email this morning, with the first line in that email being "This is what they do when they can't fight the issues".

First the TRWD incumbent's expose about the Michele Von Luckner puppet....

Von Luckner was recently ORDERED in a JUDGMENT by a Tarrant County Civil Court to pay her bills.

Michele and her husband were laid off in 2008.  They worked with all their creditors and everyone is paid.

Von Luckner is coordinating her campaign with a person who changed his name to hide his past which includes an arrest record from San Angelo. This dubious individual is treasurer of one of Monty Bennett’s funded PACs.

The man that changed his name did so to reflect his adoptive family name.  (You can’t change your social, etc. which would still show charges)

Von Luckner has never voted in a local election in Tarrant County and uses a different last name (“Hojnacki”) on her Drivers License and Voter Registration.  

Many people have never voted in Tarrant County, note only 6% do. Michele’s maiden name is Hojnacki, it is on her legal documents.  Her husband’s last name is Von Luckner and that’s what she is known by.  (Like Martha “Marty” Leonard, you can put the name you are known by on ballot)

Von Luckner’s political consultant is Dallas businessman Monty Bennett’s business partner. 

As for Monty’s business partners in election – Marty and Jim’s campaign manager receives millions in contracts from TRWD, that sounds like a business partner to me.

Secondly the TRWD incumbent's expose about the Craig Bickley puppet....

Bickley can not vote for himself as he does not live in the Tarrant Regional Water District.

Regarding Craig not living in district, the qualifications say you must own taxable property in the district.  He does.

Bickley is coordinating his campaign with a person who changed his name to hide his past which includes an arrest record from San Angelo. This dubious individual is treasurer of one of Monty Bennett’s funded PACs. 

With nothing real to expose the TRWD incumbent's repeat one of the same things they "exposed" about Ms. Von Luckner.

Bickley’s political consultant is Dallas businessman Monty Bennett’s business partner.  

Again the same thing they "exposed" about Ms. Von Luckner.

Bickley is a failed candidate from a past race in the 2012 Republican primary. For this race, Bickley also declared his residence at an address outside of TRWD. 

As for Craig being a failed candidate, so is Jim – he lost his race for Congress, Mayor and his old council seat.

Thirdly the TRWD incumbent's expose about the Mary Kelleher puppet....

In an April 2015 press article, Kelleher admitted that as a TRWD Board member she has been helping Bennett in his losing lawsuits against TRWD. Since 2013, Kelleher has been under an investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission for not disclosing hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-kind campaign contributions funded by Bennett. In 2014, Kelleher was CENSURED by the TRWD Board for making false statements to the Fort Worth City Council. Also, in 2014, the Tarrant County DA confirmed that Kelleher and Bennett traveled together on an out-of-state trip to New Orleans that was funded by Bennett. Kelleher is now using Bennett’s money and business address to send out mailers falsely attacking her TRWD colleagues Marty Leonard and Jim Lane.

As for Mary, anyone who says she is a puppet, hasn’t met her.

Repeatedly the TRWD incumbent's propaganda uses variations of the verbiage "falsely attacking" or "false attacks".

What is a false attack? You either make an attack. Which would make it real. Or you don't attack. Which would make for no attack, or a false attack.

Is this artful propaganda? Rather than saying Mary Kelleher is attacking us with falsehoods, when she is not doing so, and saying so would be a slanderous lie, the TRWD incumbent's propaganda uses the meaningless Mary Kelleher is "falsely attacking" verbiage, which sounds like Mary is doing a bad thing, thus confusing voters easily confused by artfully spewed propaganda lies.

Methinks Mary Kelleher and her fellow puppets have been launching some rather accurate true attacks, hence all the propaganda on the TRWD incumbent's Dallas Puppets webpage on their propaganda filled Our Water Our Future website mostly paid for by the TRWD incumbent's Dallas billionaire backers.

There is a psychological concept called transference, where someone transfers on to others something about themselves they can not face, like how it actually is Marty Leonard and Jim Lane who are the puppets of Dallas Billionaires, and other people with lots of money, while Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner are regular public service minded citizens who want to help serve the people, all the people.....

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Clyde Picht said...

You may wonder how the TRWD was able to get into the development business in the first place. It was a devious deal by Charlie Geren who put up a bill (HB 2639) to dissolve a water district in the Rio Grande Valley. In reality it gave TRWD the right to give, take, barter, sell, and buy land for economic development. It passed without notice because the title was misleading (by design).