Thursday, May 7, 2015

Leonard & Lane's TRWD Toilet Ad Has Me Asking Have They No Sense Of Decency?

Can not a day go by without fresh propaganda from the TRWD board incumbents, Leonard and Lane, falling out of my mailbox?

And why is all the L & L propaganda so one note? And information lite?

As opposed to the TRWD incumbent's opposition, Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner's, reach out to the voters, with B & VL coming across like human beings who are trying to communicate with words which makes sense, not senseless, shameless propaganda sloppily trying to manipulate and monger fear.

Today's L & L mailer screams VOTE SATURDAY so voter apathy does not  flush our future water.

Methinks it has been voter apathy which has had the TRWD Board in its current corrupt state due to the voters not electing anyone, who represents the people, rather than the local special interests, until the last TRWD Board Election when Mary Kelleher got elected with the most votes ever in a TRWD Board Election.

Today's L & L mailer is warning voters that if you don't vote this Saturday, we're likely to get our future drinking water from here, With here being the toilet to the right of the warning in the mailer.

Does this type fearmongering strike you as responsible discourse coming  from public officials wanting you to re-elect them?


Me neither.

The TRWD incumbent's propaganda reminds me of something that happened 60 years ago, but seems like only yesterday, when irresponsible fearmongering by a corrupt politician named Joe McCarthy led to Senate hearings which captured the attention of America to a television level which had not happened before.

The most famous moment of those hearings came from a man, Joseph Welch, who had had his fill of Joe McCarthy, and uttered words which I will slightly paraphrase to render applicable to today and the TRWD incumbent's propaganda.....

Leonard and Lane, may we not drop this? Let us not assassinate character any further. Leonard and Lane, you have done enough damage. Have you two no sense of decency? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

The Senate chamber erupted in cheers, along with TV viewers across America.

I suspect a similar cheering reaction will be happening in the Tarrant Region soon after 8 this coming Saturday evening.....


Anonymous said...

So now the incumbents are stooping to the point where they say if you don't elect them, we're all going end up drinking out of the toilet. I was told that glossy poster came in the mail today. That's literally false, something like that is already happening but apparently the incumbents don't understand their own district well enough to realize that the George Shannon Wetlands down on Richland-Chambers Lake takes water out of the Trinity that is mostly effluent from sewage treatment plants, runs it through the swamp and into the reservoir for return pumping to Fort Worth for distribution. The last statistic I found was 63,000 acre feet of water a year finds its way back into the water supply from this project alone. And if you think the water running down the Trinity River on a hot summer day downstream from the Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, etc. sewage treatment plants is anything other than treated effluent, well.... that ain't spring water they're pumping.

Anonymous said...

All other issues aside, the incumbents are running hard to save the TRV.
Funny... The Stockyards area business types were all jazzed about what the TRV was going to do for them... including gambling. They poo pooed the issue raised by the property owners who were getting hosed by the project. Now development is threatening to alter the historic Northside and they are scrambling to meet and oppose the plans, and can't get straight answers from the developers. Well, good luck Y'all. Welcome to another version of hell in good old Fort Worth. Hurts don't it.