Saturday, May 9, 2015

Another Stormy Saturday In Texas In More Ways Than One

As you can see via my patio view of the outer world this second Saturday of May is dark and stormy at my location on the planet.

Even so, I was able to have myself a mighty fine time getting wet early this morning in that turquoise body of water.

Today is the long awaited election day in Texas, where there is very little to vote on.

I am not voting today because I already voted.

So far, other than swimming, today has been taken up by being frustrated by problems with migrating a website to Go Daddy.

There will be no Town Talking for me today. Or bike riding or hiking.

If a loud thunderstorm strikes up around 8 tonight it would be a good visual audio metaphor for the hoped for historic revolt taking place in the Tarrant region today.....


Anonymous said...

Started going to Town Talk when it was next door to the Ridglea Theater with sawdust on the floor, chili cheese and onion burgers and broasted chicken. Shared the small building with a florist I think. I delivered their circulars to all the west side neighborhoods and spent my earnings at the Ridglea Bowl. Bill Dafcik was one of the funniest men to ever walk the earth. Our families were pals and I still see some of them.
Picking up a sack of burgers after a little league game was such a treat. I still remember the aroma, sticking my nose into that brown bag as we drove home!

Anonymous said...

Tough day for the revolution.