Thursday, May 7, 2015

An Elsie Hotpepper Directed Covert Document Delivery Operation Followed By A Big Snake Meeting

This morning Elsie Hotpepper tasked me with a covert operation.

Yesterday I came into possession of a document which others have been wanting to get their hands on.

Elsie Hotpepper directed me to place the document in a brown paper bag, then proceed east on Randol Mill Road til I came to a forest of TRWD campaign signs across from the notorious River Bottom Bar, where Elsie semi-regularly sings karaoke on Saturday nights.

Elsie told me to locate a black box hidden amongst the forest of campaign signs, then stick the brown paper  bag, containing the document, into the box.

Upon completion of the covert operation Elsie instructed me to text "Mission Completed" to her location. I did as instructed and soon received a "Thank You" confirmation.

I then continued on my way to Arlington to complete some other tasks, eventually ending up at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to walk with the Indian Ghosts and see the patch of pink evening primroses you see above.

Pink evening primroses were the first Texas wildflowers I saw, years ago, late in the last century, driving towards the D/FW zone from Amarillo, the big patches of delicate looking pink flowers were something I'd not seen before, alongside a highway.

Walking with the Indian Ghosts today I came upon my first snake encounter of the year.

This big bad boy was slithering creekside at the southern dam bridge crossing Village Creek, near the now green, formerly blue, Blue Bayou, where years ago I had my first water moccasin encounter.

Menacing cloud action, and wind, had me thinking I would get rained on whilst in the Village Creek area, but I stayed dry. This morning some  big drops plopped  on me in the pool.

Day after day the prediction is for rain and thunderstorms, but it has missed my location, for the most  part. I suspect the respite from thunder booming and downpours will soon end....

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Anonymous said...

This reads like an episode of the cold war thriller, The Americans, on FX.

Do svidaniya, amigo.