Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thanks To The TRWD Fort Worth Is The Only Town In Texas Where You Can Jump In A River

What you see here arrived in my email a couple minutes ago. The person from whom I got this did not inform me as to from whence it came.

The subject line of the email simply said "More Blog Fod For You".

I asked from whence this came and just as I typed More Blog Fod For You a follow up text message informed this was on Facebook,  something to do with a response to a question asked in regards to a TRWD Adopt a Drain Facebook advertisement.

That TRWD entity sure is good at finding new ways to spend money on its advertising propaganda.

Anyway, apparently thanks to the Herculean efforts of the TRWD the Trinity River has magically gone from being a polluted mess of rolling brown sludge to being a pristine crystal clear section of urban river, the only one in the entire state of Texas where a community can jump in and enjoy the refreshing, clean water.

When did San Marcos secede from Texas? I must have missed that news. I rather like San Marcos. Beautiful town on the fringe of Texas Hill Country, a college town which reminds me of Bellingham in my old home zone of Washington.

I was real impressed with Aquarena Springs and the crystal clear San Marcos River which flows from the springs and scenically through the town of San Marcos at a constant 72 degrees.

San Marcos seemed to me to be a city, and thus urban. The locals, and oodles of out of town visitors who visit San Marcos, enjoy refreshing floats in the San Marcos River.

So, how can the TRWD parent of The Boondoggle, with that Boondoggle being the entity which has foisted the embarrassing Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the polluted brown waters of the Trinity River, claim that through their efforts they have created the only urban river section in Texas that a community can enjoy jumping in?

I tell you, the sheer raw hubris of these people never ceases  to amaze....


Thankfully South of Cowtown said...

If it aint in Fort Worth you flat don't need it! duuuurrrr

Our city! Our water!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but thought you would enjoy seeing our local leaders having a BLAST!
Our City, Our Firearms!
I guess it raises more $ than a bake sale.