Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting Sunburned Rolling My Wheels In Mallard Cove Park

What with the temperature today being in the 70s for the first time in what seems like years, I decided to roll my mechanized wheels to Mallard Cove Park to roll my non-mechanized wheels on a bike ride with (virtually) Mallard Cove Park neighbor, Mary K.

Those would be my handlebars  looking at a FORT WORTH bench with Mallard Cove a short distance away.

Til today I had not been on my bike since some time before February 9. I know this because on that date I had a hit the brakes incident in west Fort Worth which caused the bike to slide out of its usual position. Today was the first time I have unlocked the bike from its security cable since that unfortunate braking incident.

The fact that it has been so long since I have taken my handlebars anywhere is yet one more indicator of how quickly time flies.

And now, in only four days, Friday March 20 to be precise, the Vernal Equinox arrives and with it the arrival of Spring. I am likely being too optimistic, but I think that the icy winter nuisance is now done for the year.

With Spring scheduled to soon arrive shouldn't wildflowers be beginning to make their annual appearance? Along with strong thunderstorms and tornado warnings?

I probably should have slathered on sunscreen today....

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