Monday, February 23, 2015

Spencer Jack In Training For 2028 Panther Island Olympics In Fort Worth Texas

Incoming email this morning in my email inbox from Spencer Jack's dad, he being my favorite nephew named Jason.

Actually it was multiple emails, only two of which had text in their subject lines, with one being, "Spencer Jack's new treadmill."

And the other being. "Jones Family Fitness Week".

Regarding it being Jones Family Fitness Week, the only email with a text message explanation of what I was seeing informed me, "Spencer is training hard in hopes of maintaining his family's emphasis on athleticism and self discipline."

Spencer Jack's dad shares with his favorite uncle a penchant for being sarcastically ironic. I shall not elaborate on what it is about that which Spencer Jack's dad wrote which is sarcastically ironic.

Anyway, among this morning's emails were three which contained videos of Spencer Jack preparing for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Fort Worth, Texas, located on Fort Worth's imaginary Panther Island.

In the first video Spencer Jack tells us what he likes about his new treadmill....

As you can see at the end of the above video Spencer Jack starts running in hyper mode. After doing so, in the second video, Spencer Jack is instructed by his trainer to check his heart beat rate....

So, there you go. A look at the Mount Vernon Jones Family in the midst of their week of heightened fitness training in preparation for the 2028 Panther Island Olympics in Fort Worth, Texas....

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