Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Balmy Texas Winter Bike Ride Around My Neighborhood With Elderly Golfers

This second Sunday of the second month of the 15th year of the new century had me rolling my wheels in my neighborhood for the first time in what seems a long time, with today's wheel rolling being enabled by the return of warm air to this formerly frigid part of the planet.

I would have thought I would have seen oodles of golfers when my neighborhood golf course came into view, what with that aforementioned balmy temperature, but as you can see, via the view over my handlebars, nary a golfer in sight.

Though, I must admit I did see two groups of what appeared to be extremely elderly golfers, riding their carts far from the paved trail, so as to access their gone awry balls with minimum exercise, except for club swinging and cart driving.

Is that the return of green we see in the foreground? Is this yet one more harbinger of the incoming Spring? Are we close enough to Spring now to be past the possibility of an Ice Storm? Or Snow? I hope so.

By mid-March, years past, the pool becomes warm enough for a morning swim without a hot tub retreat. I miss the regular morning swim. It is not easy getting endorphins from aerobic stimulation in a hot tub, though I am able to sort of mimic the swimming motions.

Tomorrow I am making a rare midday visit to downtown Fort Worth. I think the last time that occurred was two years ago on the day after Thanksgiving to check out the least busy downtown in America on the most busy shopping day of the year. That and to check out the newly opened, oddly named, Sundance Square Plaza.

I am almost 100% certain that tomorrow's midday visit to downtown Fort Worth will be followed by lunch at Uncle Julio's on Camp Bowie. I will not be having the relleno platter.....


Anonymous said...

You might consider going to The Original (The Original Mexican Eats Cafe) on Camp Bowie especially if you have never been there. You can have the Roosevelt Special named after none other than FDR.

If you do go look out for the Fort Worth Way types who are known to frequent the 76107 area of Cowtown.

Durango said...

Thank you for the Anonymous Eatery Advice. I do not believe I have been to The Original Mexican Eats Cafe. Being a fan of FDR, this intrigues me. Seems as if I remember seeing some evidence FDR had been to Joe T. Garcia's, maybe. Going to Uncle Julio's tomorrow is something I am unable to change at this late date. I shall be on guard for wayward Fort Worth Way sorts. Thank you for the warning....