Friday, January 16, 2015

The Deep Moat Search For The Tarrant Regional Water District Crime Syndicate's Smoking Gun

I think I may have mentioned a time or two that we in the Anti-Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Syndicate have ourselves a mole inside the TRV Boondoggle who has provided us information over the past few years which has gone a long ways to reinforcing the widespread belief that something is not right with The Boondoggle, not right to the extent that some, recently, have referred to The Boondoggle's overseer as the TRWD Crime Syndicate.

The Anti-TRV Boondoggle Syndicate's TRV mole calls him or herself Deep Moat.

From Deep Moat we have learned many things. Things such as details of the junkets J.D. Granger would take his TRV co-horts on, to various American and Canadian towns, ostensibly to research how those towns accomplished that which J.D Granger and his Boondoggle hoped to accomplish for Fort Worth.

Ironically, it has been years now, and there is ZERO to be seen of anything The Boondoggle has accomplished which at all mirrors anything they saw on any of those junkets.

Well, there are those Three Bridges Over Nothing being constructed with an incredible four year construction timeline of longer than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge.

We had not heard from Deep Moat for over a year til this week. Deep Moat sent an email with some information and one question....

"Did the Breitbart guy ever find what he was looking for? "

The Breitbart guy to whom Deep Moat refers is Lawrence Meyers, investigative journalist for Breitbart.

Lawrence Meyers and Breitbart have published multiple articles detailing their ongoing investigations into the Tarrant Regional Water District and Trinity River Vision corruption.

The Anti-TRV Boondoggle Syndicate's Information Officer, Elsie Hotpepper, relayed Deep Moat's question to Mr. Meyers, who then replied with...

Tell her "No. He knows there are many smoking guns, but everyone is too afraid to hand them to him. They need to stop being so afraid. Someone will get indicted and when that happens, people who know stuff and didn't come forward are going to be in the crosshairs".

One can not help but wonder, if one wonders about such things, when it is that there is going to be any sort of Grand Jury investigation into the TRWD and TRV shenanigans?

And what will the smoking gun be?

Will it be the communications between TRWD board members which led to the bizarre hiring of J.D. Granger to run a pseudo public works project for which he had zero qualifications?

Will it be how it was that shady land purchase deals came to be approved?

Will it be a follow the money type scenario which leads to the wrongdoing?

Will it be finding the details of sweetheart deals awarding no-bid TRWD contracts?

What does it take to get a Grand Jury investigation under way in a jurisdiction rife with corruption?

There must be a way......

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Elsie Hotpepper said...

Anti-TRV Boondoggle Information Officer here letting you know a Grand jury is meeting right now in Henderson County. No word yet when Grand Jury investigations into TRWD begins in Tarrant County.