Monday, January 12, 2015

Super Hero Mary Kelleher Takes On Jim Oliver And The TRWD Crime Syndicate's Gang Of Four

Super Hero Mary Kelleher
A day or two ago something somewhere caused me to be reading about a meeting of something called the TCGOP Executive Committee, a meeting at which Tarrant Regional Water District Board Member, Mary Kelleher, was detailing for the meeting a TRWD resolution to constrain the scope of that agency's spending, what with only 20% of the Water District's budget being spent to manage water.

I then read a comment regarding that meeting, from someone named Matt, which has stuck in my memory, due to one phrase in the comment....

"TRWD is akin to a criminal syndicate as currently constructed, and Mary Kelleher is the only honest thing about it. Change is coming in May."

Criminal Syndicate.

The TRWD is a criminal syndicate.

Who is the head of the TRWD crime syndicate? Is it Jim Oliver?

What crimes are this syndicate alleged to be committing? Is it giving sweetheart land deals to friends facing bankruptcy? Is it financially benefiting from land deals associated with the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle? Is it awarding no-bid contracts to election campaign donors? Is it acts of nepotism, such as hiring the unqualified son of the local congresswoman to run The Boondoggle, so as to motivate the congresswoman to try and secure funding for her son's Three Bridges Over Nothing and the ditch he hopes to one day dig under the bridges?

By crime syndicate are we talking about the way the TRWD seems to operate outside the law? Ignoring things like the Freedom of Information Act? Refusing to turn over public documents after being requested to do so by various entities.

Including Mary Kelleher.

Yes, Jim Oliver and the TRWD board's Gang of Four refuse to allow fellow board member, Mary Kelleher, access documents she has requested to see.

Plus the crime syndicate run by Jim Oliver and his Gang of Four refuses to give Mary Kelleher a key to the Fortress of Bamboozlement, also known as TRWD Headquarters.

Over the period time which Mary Kelleher has served as a TRWD Board Member her fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way has had more than one person refer to Mary as a "Hero" or a "Super Hero".

Hence the illustration of Mary Kelleher above, as Super Woman, taking on the TRWD crime syndicate run by Jim Oliver and his Gang of Four....

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