Friday, December 13, 2013

Yesterday My Dad Had Himself A Mighty Fine 83rd Birthday

A few minutes ago I made one of my rare visits to Facebook where I found that one of my sisters, a day late, had Facebooked a photo taken last summer, at an event I did not attend, mentioning that yesterday, December 12, was our paternal parental unit's 83rd birthday.

I purloined the Facebooked photo and then cropped out most of my relatives to better focus on my mom and dad.

You can probably guess that is my mom on the far right, with dad holding mom's hand. That would be Spencer Jack's uncle Joey next to my dad, with Spencer Jack's grandpa, my brother, Jake, with his hands appearing ready to throttle my favorite sister-in-law, Jill.

Aren't my mom and dad cute?

I did not call my dad a day late to wish him a happy birthday.

I called on the appropriate day, as in yesterday. My mom was screening dad's calls, so mom relayed, to my dad, my happy birthday message.

When I called to wish dad a happy birthday, the aforementioned brother Jake and Jill were visiting, hence not cropping them out of the photo.

Nephew Joey was not visiting his grandma and grandpa yesterday when I called, but it would take too much effort to crop Joey out of the picture, so I left him standing next to his dad and grandpa.


Anonymous said...

OMg-- you look like your Dad.

Durango said...

Anonymous, would it not be more OMG-noteworthy if I did not look like my dad?