Sunday, December 8, 2013

Watching Four Of Fort Worth's Finest Help A Guy Get Out Of An Icy Predicament

Taking myself on a neighborhood walkabout on Day Three of the Great North Texas Ice Storm of 2013, I was not surprised to once again see a lot of sliding mishaps and stuck vehicles.

Including the guy on the ground, kneeling by his blue car which he slid perpendicular to the curb.

When I first saw this particular perpendicular blue car the driver was still behind the wheel, spinning the rear wheels in a futile effort to get moving.

Then he exited the car about the time one of Fort Worth's finest showed up. I could not hear what the cop in the car was telling the guy on the ground.

Soon another Fort Wort cop car showed up. The cop cars and the stuck car and the other stuck cars were making the road impassable for those vehicles who were not stuck.

After about a minute the cop in the second cop car got on his loudspeaker and said something funny like "Please move your police car, it is blocking traffic."

The cop in the first cop car then turned around and parked perpendicular to the stuck blue car. Both cop cars had two cops onboard.

Soon all the cops were helping the guy in the blue car get moving again, telling him to put it in 1st gear and not to push on the gas pedal.

At one point all four cops were pushing from behind the blue car. After that all four pushed the blue car from the driver's side, with the ice being so slippery they were able to move the car in the direction it needed to go.

I was quite impressed with how nice the cops were whilst dealing with this. I'm sure this was just one of many similar type incidents they've been dealing with the past several days.

I am ready for the Great North Texas Ice Storm of 2013 to fade into history....


Anonymous said...

East Fort Worth gas well leak:

Durango said...

Yikes, Anonymous. That leak is in my neighborhood. The gas pad site on Ederville Road near the 820/30 junction.

Brad Reid said...

Durango, My wife and I walked 3 miles in total on Saturday from Berkeley to a Walgreens on Berry; then, on Sunday, we walked 4 miles from our home to Chile's on University and back. Cold weather/non-windy walking is very invigorating. Some tricks to make it easier are to take short strides and to bend or flex the knees a bit. Seemed to work well and solved our cabin fever. brad

Durango said...

Brad, you and your wife are much more adventurous, ice-wise, than I. I suspect your part of town may be better served by sidewalks than my more eastern location. I was enjoying slippery walks around my neighborhood during the worst of it, and just returned from a much needed, very invigorating icy walk at the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. Driving was only icy dicey over overpasses, with only two passed over both going and coming back.