Saturday, December 7, 2013

North Texas Ice Closes Roads Leaving Motorists Stuck & Me Slipping

What you are looking at on the left is the fountain that spouts water into the cool  pool I usually go swimming in, weather permitting.

To the left of the fountain is the hot tub I use to get hot if I get too cool in the cool pool.

This morning, what with it being a measly 16 degrees, I thought some hydro-therapy in the hot tub might have a salubrious effect.

It did.

My original plan had been to get in the hot tub and then try one dip in the cool pool, curious was I as to how that would feel, what with the water being much warmer than the air. However, the ice cover had grown more slippery overnight. I did not think it a good idea to try and walk, barefoot, from a hot tub to a cool pool over thick ice.

Whilst in the hot tub I noticed the icicles you see in the picture. After finishing the hot tubbing I returned to my warm abode and outfitted myself in proper attire suitable for not getting cold in air chilled to 16 degrees, then returned to the outer world to take the above picture and to check on the icy condition of my motorized transport device.


It was on my way to that aforementioned motorized transport device that I discovered I'd made the right decision not to walk barefoot on ice. I was barely on the ice, with my slip resistant waffle stompers over my formerly bare feet, when I had myself a sudden fall from the vertical position. I had a fairly smooth landing and am fairly optimistic no damage was done, other than startling me out of my peaceful frame of mind.

Reading the news this morning I should have realized the level of slipperiness had amped up overnight, what with the news that I-20 west of Weatherford had turned into a treacherous thick ice impassable mess after the melted ice re-froze.

I-35 north of Denton, to the Oklahoma border, also had to be closed, with a lot of travelers stranded on those sections of road, and other locations.

So, for the first time in a long time I will not be going on my regularly scheduled Saturday treasure hunt at Town Talk.

Today I don't think it is safe even to take myself on a neighborhood walkabout. I don't think I could make it to Albertsons without falling.


martin jackson said...

I like your plan.I think it a good idea to try and walk, barefoot, from a hot tub to a cool pool over thick ice.

Durango said...

Thank you for your well considered icy advice, Mr. Jackson.