Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Cold Weather Tale Of Three Cities

Methinks the cold that has descended upon the western half of the United States is portentous for some icy times ahead, what with the fact that we are still 16 days from the start winter. As you can see, above, my current town of residence, Fort Worth, has a similar 7 day forecast to my former town of residence, Mount Vernon, Washington, as you can see below.

A major difference between the Fort Worth forecast and the Mount Vernon forecast is there is no Ice Storm scheduled for Mount Vernon. I don't know if an Ice Storm has ever happened in the Skagit Valley. I know I never experienced such a thing until I experienced Texas, with my first Ice Storm wreaking havoc about two weeks after my Lone Star State arrival. A shocking, unexpected, welcome to Texas.

And then we have the 7 day forecast for the zone of Arizona where my parental units, sister, favorite brother-in-law and my two youngest nephews live.

Also cold, with some Phoenix area temperature predictors issuing freeze warnings.

I am preparing for the coming deep freeze and potential power loss. I have located extra blankets. I have so far been unsuccessful at finding firewood. I have never burned firewood in my fireplace.

I have a gas-fired lantern ready to be lit. A gas-fired cook stove ready for emergency cooking. An ice chest ready for emergency chilling.

And I have located my previously lost long underwear. I think I am ready....

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Steve A said...

My lantern and gas stove are both in Ocean Shores while I'm down here.