Saturday, June 1, 2013

Today I Found Myself Wondering If The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Gateway Park Master Plan Includes Zombie Runs

Zombie Run Party Zone
Early this first morning of June of 2013 I had myself a really swell swimming time.

By the time the noon time frame came around I felt the need for some more endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, so, since it is Saturday, and creature of habit that I be, as in I go to Town Talk on Saturday, I decided to get my aerobic stimulation via mountain biking at Gateway Park.

The north entry to Gateway Park is about a half mile from Town Talk. Maybe less. As I approached the entry I could see something was not normal, in the form of a guy waving a flag.

Turning left into the entry I saw an "Event Parking $10" sign. I stopped and asked the guy what the event was.

Zombie Run, was the answer.

I asked if parking was blocked to the mountain bike trail. He told me I could park easily at the Beach Street entry. So, that is what I did.

I parked, unloaded the bike and headed to the mountain bike trailhead, ready to bail if it was full of Zombies, like the last time Gateway Park had a Zombie Run.

The Zombie Run Party Zone, photo above, is what I saw when I got to the mountain bike trailhead. I pedaled over to the Party Zone to hear loud music and see groups of girls, scantily attired, doing dance routines.

It was very festive. I learned this was the end point for those who successfully run the Gauntlet of Zombies.

Continuing on to the mountain bike trail, I came across no Zombies, at first, but could hear Zombie attacks in the distance. The first section of trail ended up being Zombie free, start to finish. The next section was blocked, eventually, by yellow tape, so I opted to pedal the paved trail, eventually coming to the trail blockage you see below.

The above Zombie was attacking the water supply whilst waiting for incoming runners. A Zombie water table blocked the trail I was on. The water supply under Zombie attack was to the right of the blocked trail.

There were 3 Zombies at the location where the Zombie was attacking the water supply. A group of runners showed up and near as I could tell if a runner made it to the water supply table it was neutral territory, but prior to reaching the Neutral Zone a Zombie could attack a runner, grabbing the runner's 'flag,' thus rendering the runner neutral. Or, maybe dead. I'm not sure.

In the picture above those are all runners, including Wonder Woman, except for the Zombie with her hands high on her hips, on the left.

The Zombies and runners all seemed to be having themselves a really fine time over exerting in the hot humidity.

Finishing my bike ride and continuing on to Town Talk, today my treasure hunting rendered 2 big bags of oranges, something called Greek Yogurt Butter and a large pork loin, among other things I am not remembering right now.

One more thing.

Something called the Gateway Park Master Plan is part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle. A few days ago I asked if anyone knows of a time table for the Gateway Park Master Plan, or any part of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

All I heard was crickets chirping.

Today I wondered if these Gateway Park Zombie Runs are more goofy genius from the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle. It sort of fits in with wakeboard lakes, drive-in movie theaters, happy hour inner tube floats and the world's new premiere music venue.....

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